Below are some answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

What is the purpose of Bilingual Villages? The mission of Bilingual Villages is to assist families in their journey towards bilingualism or multilingualism by providing consistency of language exposure, relationships and an immersive community. Our goal is to help your family truly live the language!

What ages is Bilingual Villages for?  Currently we have activities appropriate for children ages 0-5 . In the future, we hope to expand our offerings to include after-school and weekend villages for school-age children. We believe the interaction of ages brings great value to the community and language learning experience! We also understand that many of our parents and caregivers will be attending with more than one child (of various ages).

Do we need to be fluent speakers in order to join Bilingual Villages?

Bilingual Villages is intended to be a supportive community to families who already making consistent efforts to expose their child(ren) to the target  language.  Most of our members are either already  speakers of the target language, however there is no language requirement  as long as you are highly motivated to learn the language with your child and can commit to practicing together outside the village gatherings.

What will my child do at Bilingual Villages? Your child will spend their time engaged in a combination of free play time, circle time (sometimes involving puppets, felt boards etc…), story time, and theme-based arts and crafts. We have a mix of unstructured and structured activities led by our warm and experienced native-speaking activities coordinators. Parents who are not native-speakers will have the opportunity to practice the language alongside their children!  Here’s a bulleted list to give you a better idea.

  • Free Play with age appropriate toys, books and games
  • Learn and sing songs
  • Activity-coordinator led puppetry and felt board activities
  • Circle time and a theme-based activity time (the theme will change about every two weeks)
  • Dramatic play
  • Board and card games
  • Cozy reading nooks
  • Activity coordinator led village field trips to fun local destinations

Make friends!

Open Play / Field Trip Sessions:

For additional language practice, we offer a more informal, mixed age (ages 3 months-5 yrs) OPEN PLAY / FIELD TRIP day at a reduced rate from the regular sessions.   On this day, we alternate gatherings at our village center and simple field trips, weather permitting. These gatherings are led by an experienced native speaking coordinator.  If your schedule and budget permit, we strongly encourage families to join us for open play as these sessions are a great way to provide increased language exposure and experiences.  You may register for the full trimester (best deal), or pre-purchase drop in as your schedule permits.  Parents must accompany children to open play sessions.

Is this a co-op?  No, however it will have a similar feeling to a cooperative playgroup. We have wonderful and warm native-speaking activity coordinators who are there to provide guidance and interaction with members during both unstructured play and structured time.

Do I accompany my child or drop off?   We prefer parents of children ages 3-4 to stay and participate, however if your child is at least 3 years old and potty-trained, you may drop them off with us!  We encourage you to come with your child  for at least the first one or two sessions so the transition is more comfortable for them. Children under 3 must be accompanied by a caregiver at all times.  There is a drop-off fee of $110 per semester.

May I bring my baby to my older child’s class? Do I need to pay for my baby if s/he attends my older child’s class?

Yes, you may bring your baby (10 months and under) to class with the older sibling  for no charge.  If the sibling is older than 10 months, you will need to pay for a spot for your child.  

Is this an immersive atmosphere? Is any English allowed? We are a fully-immersive language environment! We understand that there may occasionally be an instance where a child needs to speak English (or another language). When this occurs, we ask caregivers and children to speak in a hushed voice. If a caregiver has a question or concern that they cannot voice in the target language, we are 100% available for discussion in English away from the general group activities. Non-native speakers who are learning the language are of course encouraged to ask other speakers how to say specific words in the language.

If my child attends Bilingual Villages, will he/she be a fluent speaker? Bilingual Villages is not a school, and therefore does not make guarantees regarding language proficiency for your child or yourself. We serve as a supplementary resource for families. We are available as needed to offer light guidance regarding your families language learning journey.

What if the days available are not compatible with my family’s schedule? As we have just begun to offer programs, we recognize that we have limited available days. If you need a time slot or combination of days that works better for you, please contact us! As soon as we have enough families interested in other time slots, we’ll work hard to make them available.

Do you offer languages? At this time, we are pleased to offer French and Spanish eagerly anticipate adding more languages in the near future! Please use this form to let us know if you need an offering in a language other than what we have available.

Do I have to be a member to participate in Bilingual Villages activities?  We strive to maintain a consistent community at Bilingual Villages, so kids and caregivers/parents can develop and maintain meaningful relationships and community in the target language.   After you have attended a trial session, we ask that you commit to membership.

What can I do if there’s no space?  If we currently have no space, you may elect to place your family on a waitlist. In addition, we will work hard to try to accommodate as many as possible by working towards providing additional offerings on other days or times.

What if my baby still naps? Do I need to stay the whole time? We have an open door policy. If you find that you need to leave early or come late, it’s not a problem at all.

Does my child have to be potty trained? Nope! Your child does not need to be potty trained to attend.

Is snack provided?  No, however you are free bring your own, nut-free snack..

What if I have more than one child? The more the merrier! Siblings of Bilingual Villages members under the age of 1 year are free. Afterwards, siblings are welcome at a 15% percent discount.

What is my role as a caregiver while there with my child? Are there any other expectations for me? Our caregivers and parents are just as much a part of our community! We ask that caregivers bear in mind that children learn best from their parents!

What kind of commitment is required for membership? Membership is available on a trimesterly basis.

What is the Emergency Weather Policy?

Bilingual Villages generally follows Montgomery County Community Use and Closing alerts.  We will also post emergency updates to our Facebook page whenever possible.