I just want to say that A.  LOVES her French village sessions 🙂 I use it as motivation to get her to finish her meals.. “Eat your asparagus, otherwise we aren’t going to French today!!” It works! 
–Elena B., Bilingual Villages member since October 2016

I can’t tell you how much my daughters enjoy Le Village Français. Best Investment I’ve made so far in their future. 

-Cat S., Bilingual Villages members since March 2016


Ma fille L. y est inscrite et apprécie beaucoup l’endroit! Elle y joue avec ses amies, apprend des comptines en français, y fait de petites activités plastiques, écoute des histoires ….  le tout dans une ambiance décontractée pour petits et grands!

 -Lucie K, Membre depuis Octobre 2016

I approached Bilingual Villages because I didn’t want to miss this unique opportunity to immerse my baby in French and also meet other Francophone (and Francophile!) families.

Bilingual Villages helped me by providing structure and community to my efforts to incorporate French into my child’s daily life. I was trying to make an effort to speak French to my baby at home but since my husband doesn’t speak French, it was challenging to do it alone as a non-native speaker since it felt somewhat unnatural to speak my second language to someone who cannot yet speak back to me. Bilingual Villages added context to my French language efforts and made me want to speak French more to baby even when we’re not at the village simply because it felt increasingly natural. Baby is not only starting to understand some French – she associates speaking French with having fun! 

Keiko and I started attending when she was about eight months old. She is now fourteen months old and among her first words are “bateau” and “un, deux.” We learn a lot of French nursery songs at the village that we enjoy singing at home. And really it warms my heart to see her bonding with other kids and other parents that she now knows well from seeing them every week. I love that she associates French with the company of people she enjoys.

 I love the casual approach that lets kids play while being immersed but I also love the creative activities. Over the summer, I really liked the theme days and outings outdoors. 

I found the experience totally positive for both Keiko and me. I find that I really look forward to getting to hang out with other French speaking moms while Keiko plays. I actually consider it not just fun for the baby but also a break for myself.

I would recommend Bilingual Villages to people who need  …. A fun, low stress routine for introducing your child to French or for keeping up your French.

Name: Erica Cefalo

Age of Child(ren): 14 months

City of Residence: Germantown, MD

Bilingual Villages Member since: March 2016


I was looking for an environment where adults of all levels can learn and play alongside the kids of all levels, and be involved in the language in a more natural way than a kid-only class can provide.  

Bilingual Villages helped me by engaging me and my child in the language, particularly when my child was too shy to speak, adults and other kids were able to make him laugh and get him to speak through play.  My fluency is moderate, and it really helps to hear all of the adults speaking and including me in conversation.  

The result was I learned many new words and phrases, my son learned that French can be fun.  

One thing I liked was their caring attitude and ability to be flexible with doing a few things that they knew my son might like, to help draw him in and engage him.  

I found the experience very pleasant and fun.

I would recommend Bilingual Villages to people who need a whole family approach to language learning.  

Name:  January Scarbrough

Age of Child(ren): 5 (4 at the time of Bilingual Villages enrollment)

City of Residence:  Silver Spring